Going Guatemalan

Very little planning,but sure to me lots of fun!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Home!

I have made it back to the states and am starting to readjust to life in America again. I've been enjoying the Christmas season but otherwise life is pretty uneventful, being unemployed and all now.

I've decided to include one final chapter here to close everything off. My classroom was successfully completed. Construction was finished by the time I left, and I spent my last week painting. It was a nice way to end both the project and my Peace Corps service. The kids really loved painting the outside. We dyed some paint and had the kids put their handprints all over the exterior. Other teachers and community members helped me paint the inside. The Namibian Ministry of Education should send the school a new chalkboard and a bulletin board to complete the classroom.

Meme Anna Kathindi painting the classroom interior.


My colleague David helped me paint all the kids hands over and over and over and over...

My last few days were especially enjoyable. My colleagues put on a very nice going away party for me, and I as I had fewer and fewer responsibilities I got to spend more time with my learners and host family. Saying goodbye was, of course, really hard, but I also realized that it was time for me to go. The community really appreciated the work that I had done there and didn't want to say goodbye either. They would have let me stay forever if I asked. But its time for the community to move on. I hope I have equipped school the teaching aids and methods that will help the learners to succeed. I am proud to announce that the school has improved its grade 10 pass results from 27% to 47%. While still under performing, Iikokola seems to be on the road to improvements, but in order to truly be on the road to development, the school to continue and maintain the improvements without my presence.

I hope I will be able to stay in touch with the friends I have made there, but email isn't common in Namibia, and phone numbers change frequently. Cliche as it is, Peace Corps was a life changing event and Namibia will always be special to me. I'm proud to have finished my service, and I hope I will make a smooth transition back into life in America.

Thanks to everyone for all your support and prayers. It was nice to know I had a team of people supporting at home. I hope I'll be able to reconnect with everyone. Give me a call or email. I'd love to chat and catch up!